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How does it work?

Have you ever considered working for yourself? An EZY-CLEAN franchise will give you an excellent regular income and peace of mind. It also means that you have a stable business for the rest of your life. Domestic window cleaning is a major growth market in the UK, and the continued building of thousands of new houses throughout Britain represents a first class opportunity to own a modern and profitable business.


We have developed a unique cleaning and administrative system that means that all you have to do is clean windows! We have removed the usual problems of scheduling and payment by inventing an automated system that maintains and monitors all aspects of your business. It enables you to leave us to do the paperwork whilst you can earn more money! How much is up to you, but many window cleaners lose a third of their time to administration.

Have a look at our video below to see more on a day in the life of a franchisee.

Our Franchise Family

When you start a franchise with us you become part of a wider group of franchisees that are all working towards the same goal. We call this the franchise family. You can see our other franchisees and their unique web page by visiting our areas page. Just click on a coloured shaded area and then the link in the pop up box and you can meet the franchisee operating in that area.

Suitable for all

Our unique Freedom Reach and Wash System means you can have either a van-based or home-based filtration system dependant on your situation. Our unparalleled knowledge of the domestic window cleaning industry means that you don’t need any previous experience in either using the Reach and Wash system or knowledge of the industry. Our excellent training will have you cleaning like a professional and making a return on your investment in no time!